The Climate Resilience Demonstrator, CReDo, is a climate change adaptation digital twin demonstrator project developed by the National Digital Twin programme to improve resilience across infrastructure networks. CReDo is a pioneering project to develop, for the first time in the UK, a digital twin across infrastructure networks to provide a practical example of how connected-data and greater access to the right information can improve climate adaptation and resilience. CReDo is the pilot project for the National Digital Twin programme demonstrating how it is possible to connect up datasets across organisations and deliver both private and public good. ‚Äč

Enabled by funding from UKRI, The University of Cambridge and Connected Places Catapult, CReDo looks specifically at the impact of extreme weather, in particular flooding, on energy, water and telecoms networks. CReDo brings together asset datasets, flood datasets, asset failure models and a system impact model to provide insights into infrastructure interdependencies and how they would be impacted under future climate change flooding scenarios. The vision for the CReDo digital twin is to enable asset owners, regulators and policymakers to collaborate using the CReDo digital twin to make decisions which maximise resilience across the infrastructure system rather than from a single sector point of view. Technical implementation and visualisation of the digital twin was carried out by CMCL Innovations.

For more information about CReDo, visit the Digital Twin Hub.